Fri. Nov 18th, 2022

DSP Media has spoken up regarding recent allegations and rumors about APRILs Naeun.
On March 1, someone shared a post on an online forum and claimed that they were bullied by Naeun during elementary school. The creator of the post (henceforth referred to as A) stated, In my sixth year of elementary school, Naeun cursed at me for no reason, and the so-called group of delinquents that included Naeun always ostracized me.
A wrote that they were afraid to go to school in case the group of kids including Naeun would curse at A again. A continued, I think what I experienced was school violence, and I think its only right that I receive an apology. Physical violence isnt the only type of violence. A shared Naeuns elementary graduation photo to prove they were classmates.
On a different occasion, a screenshot of an online conversation shared in 2013 between someone with the name Lee Na Eun and another person surfaced on an online community. In the image, Lee Na Eun writes as a threatening response to the other persons comment, Do you also want to be sexually assaulted by Go Young Wook? Go Young Wook is a singer and entertainer who sexually assaulted a minor.
Regarding the screenshot, DSP Media stated to Xportsnews, Naeuns past comment about Go Young Wook is an edit. It is an old photo that is being spread again due to the recent issue.
DSP Media additionally released a statement to address both matters. The statement is titled, An official statement regarding the Go Young Wook edited photo and school violence allegations. Read it below:
Hello. This is DSP Media.
On the morning of March 2, through law firm ELPS, the company filed criminal complaints against the cases in which malicious manipulated posts and false information were spread regarding our artist.
Our artists are being deeply hurt by the distorted and malicious false posts. From the moment we post this announcement and onwards, we will take strong action against all posts that contain malicious slander and false information about our artists as well as the spread of these posts. There will be no leniency or negotiation.
DSP Media also denied rumors that Naeun was dating former A-JAX member Yoonyoung.
Following the allegations that former APRIL member Hyunjoo was bullied by her bandmates before leaving the group, Yoonyoung posted on his social media in defense of the APRIL members.
He wrote, Im sorry Hyunjoo, but I have to say this. I feel so bad for the [members] because of you. While I was DSP Media, I saw the process of APRIL being made. They couldnt practice because [Hyunjoo] frequently went off the radar, and their scheduled activities were often compromised by that. Being sick and weak. Thats okay. But then she should hurry and say shell quit. But she wanted to keep going and only wanted to do easy things. How can you do that when youre a team, not a solo act?
Yoonyoung continued to state that Hyunjoo did not work as hard as she should have. He said to her, You wanted to shine alone, but to the members, the group and their fans came first.
After Yoonyoung shared his post, netizens found photos he took with Naeun on his social media, which led to speculations that they were dating.
In response to the rumor, a source from DSP Media stated to YTN Star, The dating rumor between Naeun and Yoonyoung is not true. It is only a rumor that spread online.
Yoonyoung debuted in 2012 with DSP Medias boy group A-JAX, which disbanded in 2019. He is currently serving in the military.
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Top Photo Credit: Xportsnews