Fri. Nov 18th, 2022

Being the party most directly responsible for the implosion of Lex Greensill’s eponymous empire, there are many questions the nation’s financial journalists would love to put to Credit Suisse.
In fact, we doubt its local co-heads of investment banking James Disney and Angelo Scasserra would have been asked about much else at a briefing for journalists long scheduled to take place this Thursday, to focus on takeouts from the February reporting season.
After first sending out a reminder for the event Thursday last week, Credit Suisses local media supremo sent a follow-up note on Monday postponing the event until after the banks Asian investment conference in April. By which point interest in Greensill would have presumably subsided, if not entirely dissipated.
No reason was given for the delay, though really, you don’t have to be an investment banker to imagine one.
While it was the Europeans who ultimately pulled the pin on Greensill, the local team had plenty to do with the Bundaberg-grown entrepreneur. Including in November when it chaperoned his meetings of local fund managers back when the lender was still focussed on a pre-IPO capital raise. Thankfully nothing came of that: imagine the ire of Credit Suisses clients if theyd been convinced to invest just before the bank itself sent the whole thing tumbling.