Fri. Nov 18th, 2022

Despite the chaos that was unleashed by Prince Harry and Meghan Markles Oprah Winfrey interview, the British monarchy is likely to recover.
According to royal expert and filmmaker Nick Bullen, the Sussex interview may have been a PR disaster for the Firm but the royal family is likely to survive this mess as well.
The monarchy can survive this interview without a doubt. There is not an inkling within me that would suggest that anything but survival is possible for them, Bullen told Fox News.
Look, this is bad. This is shocking. This is awful. And its really sad. But the queen has been incredible in navigating these great personal and public disasters faced by the family, he said.
When Princess Diana died, there were stories flying around insisting that the royal family had her killed. There was this feeling of rioting on the streets. People were publicly against the royal family and in support of Diana. But the queen calmed the waters with her speech the night before the funeral and things moved on, Bullen explained.
But even in the last hundred years, the family has always survived after facing any kind of crisis thrown at them. This is just another crisis they will have to go through, he said.
What I think is awful about this is that it comes from deep within the family. When Diana gave her own shocking interview it was, to a certain extent, outside the family. But this disaster was made within the family, he added.