Fri. Nov 18th, 2022

By Jolene Marriah-Maharaj6h ago
Durban – Before I die I want my title deed in my hands.
Thats the plea of a 69-year-old Isipingo pensioner who has been waiting for years to become a home owner.
Dharam Ramdayal has been living in a council-owned duplex in Lotus Park for 20 years.
He said he receives a pension of R1800 a month, but is required to pay between R2400 and R2600 in rent, water and rates to the council.
I am left with nothing. Thankfully, my son and daughter- in-law live with me and they buy the food.
Ramdayal, who suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and is an asthmatic, also relies on a caregiver. His wife died two months ago.
I am oxygen dependent and have to pay R1800 for an oxygen tank and that is aside from medication. I have been in contact with the local ward councillor who has been trying to assist, but where to from here? I have all the paperwork for the title deed, but there are no answers.
He said over the years he had forked out almost R60 000 to renovate the home.
The staircase was made of timber and was rotten to the core. I had to install a concrete staircase and the bathroom had been leaking. We have to make the place liveable.
Ramdayal said he had spent money on a home that did not belong to him or his family. He said he recently read newspaper stories of people receiving title deeds to their homes.
Are we the forgotten people? I am getting more old and before I die I want my title deed in my hands. Look at my wife, she died and we never owned a home we could call ours.
He said as a person who suffered from a breathing ailment, he required lots of fresh air.
I need to put a shelter in front of house so that I can sit outside but I need building plans to go ahead, but without being the owner of the house that is very difficult to get approved.
eThekwini Municipality was approached for comment, but has not responded.
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