Sat. Nov 19th, 2022

Metal Mario has a need for speed and he finally has an outlet for it now that he’s going to be a Hot Wheels toy.
Metal Mario is joining the Mario Kart Hot Wheels lineup this summer, ready to race regular flesh Mario and the rest of the non-metallic gang on the bright orange tracks. 
Take a look at him, paraglider and all:
Lookin’ good, king.
Image: Jeff O. / audra bennett / hasbro
If we’re talking metallic Mario Kart racers, Metal Mario has gotta be one of the top metallic racers out there. Sure, Pink Gold Peach is a good one too, but Metal Mario is the original, debuting back in 1996 in Super Mario 64.
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This particular Metal Mario Hot Wheels toy is inspired by the character in Mario Kart 8 with a matching metallic kart and paraglider to match.
Styling and profiling.
The Metal Mario toy will be available online for $20 starting June 17 on Hasbro’s website and will be coming to San Diego Comic-Con on July 17.