Fri. Nov 18th, 2022

Xbox consoles from Day One Xbox Ones all the way up to Series X are getting a new software update that adds some features and removes others. The Xbox Accessories app for PC as well as consoles both new and old will get a patch that adds compatibility with Microsoft’s new Xbox Wireless Headset, so gamers can access all of the available audio controls and even the brightness of its lights.
One feature that’s going away is the live TV listings in OneGuide that has been a part of the Xbox One since it launched. Microsoft’s aspirations for controlling TV via the HDMI passthrough of the Xbox One didn’t work out, and live TV viewing isn’t nearly as important as it once was, so that feature will join Windows Media Center and WebTV in the great beyond. The OneGuide itself will stay for watching TV through the HDMI input or add-on tuner, but without the schedules of what is airing where.
However, the big addition that’s relevant to current gamers is a new set of toggles for backwards compatible titles. They’ll let gamers enable or disable Auto HDR and FPS Boost on a per-game basis in order to only have them when there’s actually a benefit and they don’t negatively affect the experience. Auto HDR is pretty easy to figure out, but can be more hassle than its worth, while FPS boost can up the framerate to 30, 60 or even 120 fps on certain games.
Smaller tweaks include the return of Achievements to the mobile Xbox app and improvements to “My games & apps” that more clearly explains what parts you need to install if you don’t want to install every possible item for a particular title.