Fri. Nov 18th, 2022

The government is working rigorously to decrease pollution in the country. First, the scrappage and the Green tax was passed about which you can read more by clicking here. Now, the government has proposed a new take on re-registering vehicles that are more than 15 years old. The fees for the renewal of registration has been increased drastically in the draft notification. The charges for a fitness certificate has also been increased in the draft. The Central Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Rules, 2021 that was issued by the Road Ministry will come in effect from October 1, 2021. So, the new charges will come into effect from Oct 1. Currently, the stakeholders have been asked to submit their feedback on the new draft. They have been given 30 days to submit their feedback.
All of this is being done to discourage the use of old vehicles as they pollute more than modern vehicles.  The new proposed renewal fee for a 15-year-old two-wheeler has been set to Rs. 1,000 whereas currently, it is only Rs. 300. If it is a 3-wheeler or a quadricycle then you would need to pay Rs. 2,500 for the renewal fee. If you are looking to renew your registration, the renewal fee has been set to Rs. 5,000. For imported vehicles, the renewal registration amount has been set to a massive Rs. 40,000. The owner would be required to renew the registration certificate every 5 years after 15 years.
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For commercial, the rates of fitness renewal have been increased. The motorcycle owners would need to pay Rs. 1,000 and the three-wheelers or quadricycle owners would need to pay Rs. 3,500. The amount for a cab or a taxi has been set to Rs. 7,000. Then there is the medium goods/passenger category for which the person would need to pay Rs. 10,000 whereas if it is a heavy goods/passenger then the person would need to shell out Rs. 12,500 for the renewal of the fitness certificate. This amount is almost 21 times higher than the current amount that you need to pay to renew the fitness certificate. The fitness certificate renewal for the commercial vehicles will be mandatory every year once the vehicle attains eight years.
It is not like you can ignore renewing the registration. If a private owner fails to do so then a charge of Rs. 300 to Rs. 500 per month will be levied. For commercial vehicle owners, the charge has been set to a daily penalty of Rs. 50.
Incentives on scrapping your vehicle
The new proposal says that the owners will be free to take their vehicles to the scrapping centres which should be opened across the country. Once the vehicle is scrapped he or she will be given a wrapping certificate which can be transferred to anyone to get an incentive on the new vehicle. Earlier Nitin Gadkari said that people who will opt to scrap their old vehicles and buy a new one will get a 5 percent rebate on the new vehicle. This has been done to promote the scrapping policy and to motivate people to move towards new vehicles that are being offered by automotive manufacturers. You can read more about the rebate by clicking here.
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