Fri. Nov 18th, 2022

Abu Dhabi, INS The United Arab Emirates (UAE) spacecraft ‘Hope’ has made history by reaching the orbit of Mars. In addition, several images of the red planet have been sent to Earth. The UAE’s National Space Agency said in a statement: “Hope has taken a broad view of Mars, with the surface of Mars shining in the sunlight. Its north pole and the largest volcanic Olympus moons can be seen in the images. Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan also shared this picture of the Red Planet on Twitter.
The UAE becomes the fifth country to reach the Red Planet
Hope, the UAE’s first interplanetary spacecraft, entered Mars orbit on Tuesday. According to CNN, the UAE’s first mission to Mars landed near the Red Planet on Tuesday night and successfully entered orbit on its first attempt. This was confirmed by the signal sent by the UAE’s Mars mission ‘Hope Probe’. With this, the UAE became the fifth country to reach the red planet. However, the UAE is the first Arab country to do so.
The weather map of the red planet will be ready
Hope is actually a mediator, which in Arabic is called amal. It reached its destination after traveling 300 million miles in a seven-month journey. Scientists say Hope will now help prepare the world’s first global climate map of the Red Planet. It is hoped that the Al Amal mission will be able to explain the full picture of Mars’ atmosphere and facilitate future missions, Express Doc Totot UK said.
Information about the weather cycle will also be provided
Let us know that the Hope spacecraft was launched on July 19 last year. The spacecraft will now learn about the Red Planet’s weather cycle and how climatic events such as dust storms in its lower atmosphere will change the planet’s climate in different regions. In addition, the spacecraft will be able to find other causes behind the hydrogen, oxygen depletion and climate change in Mars’ atmosphere. A website has also been created to make the information of this mission public, from where its latest information can be retrieved. From launch to date, the mission has gone through various stages. Everything is described in detail.
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