Fri. Nov 18th, 2022

The woman who dropped off the dogs appeared to be uninvolved and unassociated with Wednesday nights attack, Tippett said.
It wasnt immediately clear how she obtained the dogs.
The violent Hollywood street heist of the purebreds has attracted international intrigue, with the singers fans and the Los Angeles police wondering if the animals were targeted because of their doting owners deep pockets.
Lady Gaga, pictured performing at President Joe Bidens inauguration last month, had offered a rich reward for the return of her dogs.Credit:AP
Most alarming for the police and many others, including true-crime enthusiasts eager for a new mystery to mull, was the ruthlessness with which the robbery occurred with Gagas dog walker Ryan Fischer shot in the chest as he fought to keep the animals, and then left bleeding on the sidewalk as the thieves made off with two of the three dogs in his care.
Video showed a white sedan pulling up and two men jumping out. They struggled with the dog walker before one pulled a gun and fired a single shot before fleeing with two of the dogs.
Fischer can be heard on the video saying he had been shot in the chest. Tippett said he was expected to survive his injuries.
A picture of a French bulldog is featured above the entrance of Dog-E-Den Hollywood, near where Lady Gagas dog walker was shot.Credit:AP
An LAPD summary of the attack, described by a source who requested anonymity, indicated that the animals were the target of the robbers, one of whom said give it up as he pointed a handgun at Fischer.
Gagas dogs Gustavo and Koji were taken. A third dog escaped capture and ran to Fischer as the car drove off.
Lady Gaga on Friday repeated her offer of a $US500,000 ($650,000) reward for the return of her dogs with no questions asked.
I continue to love you Ryan Fischer, you risked your life to fight for our family. Youre forever a hero, she said in an Instagram post.
Thefts of purebred animals, which can fetch high prices even when they arent attached to pop royalty, are not unheard of. And the LAPD in recent weeks has expressed concern about criminals in the city becoming more brazen about street robberies which have been ticking up with the easing of pandemic-related lockdowns, including in the same general area.
Before the dogs return, Tippett said police were looking into whether the assailants knew the dogs belonged to the singer when they targeted them, but did not have any specific evidence to prove that was the case. He said police were in contact with representatives for Lady Gaga, who were co-operating with the investigation.
AP, Los Angeles Times