Fri. Nov 18th, 2022

British and Irish stargazers were pleasantly surprised on Sunday night when a flaming meteor shot through the sky.
As seen in the video above, the meteor sped through the night around 10pm (Monday 9am AEDT) and exploded in an amazing ball of light.
The speeding ball of fire was seen by witnesses from the south of England all the way to Ireland.
They described hearing a sonic boom and a sizzling sound as the fiery piece of rock flew by.
Videos were captured on doorbell cameras across the country and submitted to The UK Meteor Network, an open-source astronomy group which posted images of the moment on Twitter.
Only half a dozen fireballs are caught on camera each year, according to experts. Credit: Twitter
The meteor could be seen for a full seven seconds, which The UK Meteor Network said made it slow-moving.
It was a slow moving meteor with clearly visible fragmentation, the group wrote.
Only a half dozen such fireball meteors are recorded in that part of the world each year, according to The UK Meteor Network.
OK I might be going mad but I swear I just saw like … the brightest shooting star/meteor? said one person. Looked like a firework but was coming down from the sky?!?! Anyone else in London/Essex see something? Freaked me out.
Doorbell cameras caught the seven-second spectacle on film. Credit: Twitter
Did anyone just hear a dull boom? Almost like a sonic boom? another asked.
Meanwhile someone else said they heard a sizzling sound as it moved through the sky.
One man said the meteor scared all the pheasants out of the forest.
The sighting comes just days after sky watchers in the southern hemisphere were treated to their own dramatic light show.
Last week, Queenslanders saw what was thought to be a meteor roaring through the night sky for 30 seconds – though it turned out to be a piece of space junk.