Sat. Nov 19th, 2022

UFC Hall of Famer BJ Penn was involved in two fights with the same bloke during a visit to a nightclub in Pahoa and was knocked out in footage published by TMZ.
In the video the 40-year old can be heard asking the shirtless bruiser to hit him and he obliges with two strikes that send him flat on his back – with Penn having to be helped up by bystanders.
But a second clip, filmed after Penn was knocked out, sees him go after the man and mounts on top of him, pummelling him with his blows to the head as well as lashing out at security attempting to intervene.
TMZ say no arrests were made despite law enforcement being alerted.
The video has caused reaction aplenty, with fans unhappy with Penn’s actions given the sheer frequency of him getting himself into these type of situations.
Can someone close to BJ Penn talk to that man. He’s too much of a legend in MMA to be seen getting into bar fights. Especially when he’s getting KOed in them.
– Malcolm From The North (@MalcolmFromTheN) August 28, 2019
Someone needs to get BJ Penn some serious help.Clearly this whole “fighting keeps him out of trouble” excuse is BS.
Cut him from the UFC and put him in rehab. This is beyond pathetic now.
– Ashley: The MMA Nerd (@The_MMA_Nerd) August 28, 2019
BJ Penn is the BIGGEST piece of shit i have ever seen
– Cauley (@CaulsMMA) August 28, 2019
I’m fucking done with BJ Penn y’all… This shit isn’t funny and at this point I really hope Nik Lentz finally puts the nail in the coffin of his career and he can retire and get whatever help he needs, enough is enough. TevTalksMMA (@TevTalksMMA) August 28, 2019
BJ Penn just lost to a 65 rated create a fighter.
– Jon Robinson (@JRobAndSteal) August 28, 2019
Penn, whose last UFC victory came all the way back in 2010, had an alleged physical altercation with a bouncer two months ago.
The lightweight legend has lost seven straight fights in the Octagon and is slated to face Nik Lentz in his UFC swansong – though there is no date for the fight as of yet.