Sat. Nov 19th, 2022

You may think you have loved in this life, but have you ever truly loved the way Ryan Reynolds loves Deadpool? The man behind the edgiest superhero this side of your 13-year-old kid brother loves Deadpool soooo much that he invested $10,000 of his own couch change to make the movie as ding-dong-Deadpool-est as it could be. According to commentary on the films DVD, Reynolds traded 10,000 Washingtons for the privilege of having one Bea Arthur likeness in the movie (in the form of a print on one of Deadpools tank tops), since Deadpools Bea ardor is a comics staple. Reynolds reportedly made his request in person, and donated the money to an undisclosed charity, thereby securing the permission of Arthurs estate. Despite having all of the elements of an A-plus anecdote, theres still a bit more to the story, as it was actually Reynoldss days as one of the Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place guys that truly closed the deal. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Arthurs son, Daniel Saks, agreed because Saks was on Dharma & Greg on Stage 21 at Fox when Ryan was on Stage 20 doing Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place and, even as a lowly not-pizza, Reynolds was always a nice guy. Aww nobody tell Deadpool about that load of sap.