Fri. Nov 18th, 2022

You would be forgiven for thinking Aussie model Emily Davies was completely nude in her latest Instagram snap.The Sydney local is widely known online for her enviable figures and while she often flaunts her toned physique in various swimsuit styles, it’s her most recent post that has set tongues wagging.
The 25-year-old shared a photo of herself laying face down on a beach in Rottness Island, Western Australia, wearing nothing but a pair of minuscule G-string bikini bottoms.
“What my week looked like … home time,” she captioned the image.
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Within three hours of sharing the post, more than 14,000 people have ‘liked’ the snap with hundreds of people describing the look as “hot”.
“Can’t get any hotter,” one person wrote.
“Sizzling,” another added.
“WOW this photo is everything,” a third person said, while a fourth wrote, “You’re insaneeee”.
Others simply questioned “what bikini”, implying the skin-coloured string bikini made it appear she was fully nude.
“This bikini makes my new one look like a bodysuit,” one person joked.
“Bikini?” another responded, while a third added, “is she kidding? Holy sh*t.”
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Emily had the top-half of her swimsuit laying on a towel next to her, right beside a matching brown cap as she wrapped her hands around her loose hair for the shot.
It’s not the first time a daring bikini look has caused a frenzy. In November last year, the “Slash” string bikini made its debut, with its string design leaving nothing to the imagination.
The daring bikini set, designed by Australian fashion house Karen Hurley, is described on the website as a style “not for the faint hearted”.
Emily’s risque look comes after the 24-year-old, from Perth, recently copped criticism for publishing a $97 health and fitness advice book despite not having a qualification in nutrition.
“Wait, should you be sharing a book like this? Did you study nutrition?” one fan posted on her page in November last year.
“This book could prove harmful in the wrong hands …” said another.
However, Emily, who has a degree in fashion business, was quick to defend her ebook, telling Perth Now, “everything that’s in there is actually referenced back to science and anyone that would purchase the ebook would be able to see that … so even if I did write it myself, it’s still 100 per cent referenced to science.”
Emily, who owns the fashion line VENEM 1.0, explained she partnered with Perth-based female health coach Mandy Hooper, who has a masters in science, to produce the book.
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“If people follow you then they want to follow you, there are always going to be people who disagree with what you are doing, but … don’t focus on the bad things that people are saying,” she told the publication.
The book explores how major hormones affect “energy balance” and its role in health and body composition, as well as the biggest “dangerous for your health” myths about calories.
Emily has struggled with her own body issues, often revealing to her Instagram followers her battles with severe bloating caused by an unbalanced, “leaky” gut.