Fri. Nov 18th, 2022

Just a few days ago, Liverpool were back to riding the crest of wave after claiming an impressive win in the Champions League. Fast forward to the present, and the overwhelming feeling is the club have hit rock bottom once again.
Its a phrase thats been said before in recent weeks, but after losing at home to Everton that feeling is at its peak. It was more than a defeat, it was the way it happened.
From the performance, to the Jordan Henderson injury, to the inevitable VAR controversy. Everything seems to be going against Liverpool at the moment, and the worrying thing is there are no signs of things changing or improving.
If there is one player that you didnt want to get injured in a poor run of form, its Henderson. Hes more than just a makeshift centre-back helping the team out in a role that isnt his own, hes a leader. When hes not on the pitch, Liverpool really miss him, and they face a job getting through however many games he’s on the sidelines for.
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Related Articles writers Joel Rabinowitz and Mark Wakefield spoke after the game to try and work out what happened, and more importantly where the club go next. Also on the agenda was the penalty decision in the closing moments, the bad luck the keeps on happening, and more on the injury to Henderson.
It has become clear that fighting for the title is long gone, and now Liverpool have a job on their hands trying to secure a top our finish. Given that every team around them seems to be in a confident run of form, the odds do seems stacked against them at this moment in time.
Of course, things can change very quickly in football. Jürgen Klopp is likely be without his captain for an as of yet unspecified amount of time, and its going to be a tough test trying to replace not just his quality but also his leadership qualities.
There is more than a week until Liverpool have their next match away to Sheffield United. Thats eight days where the players need to clear their heads to try and salvage something from a season that has seemingly had everything that could go wrong, happen.