Fri. Nov 18th, 2022

SINGAPORE: Student athletes of 12 non-contact sports in the “A”, “B” and “Senior” divisions will be back in action during the National School Games from Mar 29 to May 27.
Due to the COVID-19 situation, no spectators will be allowed and safe management measures will be in place for participants, the Ministry of Education (MOE) said in a press release on Tuesday (Mar 9).
The 12 sports that will resume are: Badminton, bowling, golf, gymnastics, rope skipping, sepak takraw, shooting, table tennis, taekwondo (poomsae), tennis, three-on-three volleyball and wushu.
These sports have “limited contact and intermingling between participants”, said MOE.
The National School Games were suspended in February last year after Singapore raised its Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) level to Orange.
The games were initially scheduled to resume from mid- to late-February with up to 19 sports for the three divisions.
“The risks of COVID-19 transmission and new clusters of infection remain a concern even in Phase 3,” said MOE.
“This is why MOE has tried to minimise the intermingling of students across schools and emphasised safe distancing measures in all our schools, in order to avoid any large clusters from breaking out.”
These are also the considerations for the “calibrated approach” to resuming the National School Games this year, said MOE.
Seventeen sports remain suspended as they involve “prolonged physical contact during the sport or intermingling between students from different schools throughout the competition”, said the ministry.
These are: Basketball, canoeing, cricket, cross country, fencing, floorball, football, hockey, judo, netball, rugby, sailing, softball, squash, swimming, track and field and water polo.
For the 12 sports that are resuming, safe management measures in line with national guidelines will be in place, said MOE.
A maximum of eight players will be allowed to interact during the games.
“For sports like bowling, student athletes will have to keep a minimum safe distance of 2m from one another. For net barrier sports, players must stay on opposite sides of the net,” said MOE.
A maximum of 50 participants will be allowed in the venue at any one time, and each school must remain in its designated area to minimise intermingling between students across schools.
MOE also said it expects to resume National School Games for the “C” and “Junior” divisions in Term 3.
“MOE will continue to monitor the situation closely, and work with the Sports Councils and the schools to ensure the safe conduct of (the National School Games),” said the ministry.
“Should the situation evolve, we will review our plans in tandem with the national posture. Participants are encouraged to stay adaptable to changes and continue to adhere to good personal hygiene and social responsibility.”
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