Fri. Nov 18th, 2022

The Singapore State Courts. (PHOTO: Dhany Osman / Yahoo News Singapore)
SINGAPORE A housewife who sexually abused her daughter’s mildly intellectually disabled schoolmate was jailed one year on Wednesday (17 March).
The 45-year-old woman exploited the then 15-year-old victim’s liking for her daughter and told him that she would guide him in his wooing of her. After convincing the teen’s mother to let the boy sleep over, the woman then shared a bed with him and masturbated him twice on two separate occasions.
The woman was sentenced after she pleaded guilty to committing an obscene act with a young person. The victim cannot be named due a court imposed gag order.
At the time of the offences, the boy was studying at a school for individuals with mild intellectual disabilities and mild autism. He has an IQ of 56, which places him in the mild intellectual disability range.
The victim was a good friend of the woman’s daughter also a student at the same school and began chatting online with the woman last year. The woman and the victim eventually began chatting in person, with the woman often comforting the boy over his troubles with his then-girlfriend. The woman said she could guide the boy in his relationship issues.
In March last year, she began addressing him as “dear” and considered him to be her godson. During the school holidays that month, she began inviting him to her house. The boy would accept the invitations as he wanted to meet the woman’s daughter. 
For a week, he visited the woman’s house almost daily. While there, he and the woman’s daughter would do their homework with the woman watching over them, before they played games together.
At one point, the boy laid on top of the woman’s daughter and kissed her on the mouth. The woman, who witnessed the boy’s actions, responded by saying that you cannot do that, as my daughter is “very fresh”, said the prosecution.
The woman later asked the boy to stay over at her home. His mother was initially reluctant for her son to do so, but the woman claimed she would take care of him and monitor him.
The boy’s mother relented on the assurance that her son would sleep separately from the woman and her daughter and that there would be no close physical interaction between her son and the woman’s daughter. The victim then stayed over for a week.
Instead of keeping to her promise, the woman had the boy sleep in her bed. On two nights that week 23 and 26 March the woman hugged the boy as she slept and kissed him on the mouth. She also groped him underneath his clothes and masturbated him.
The victim felt uncomfortable over the woman’s actions but did not try to stop her as he was afraid of being shouted at by the woman.
Deputy Public Prosecutor Hidayat Amir submitted for a jail term of one year and two months for the woman, saying that she had premeditated her offences by planning for him to stay over. She also hid her plans from her husband, who lived in the same house.
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