Fri. Nov 18th, 2022

Six60 will play concerts at Dubai’s six-month long Expo 2020 trade show beginning in October.
The announcement by government export agency New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) that the countrys new biggest band will headline a concert at the futuristic Expo 2020 city comes as signs emerge that New Zealands economic recovery is faltering.
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said: This, in a post-Covid world, will be a chance for New Zealand to reconnect with the world.
NZTE has received an expanded budget of $62 million to deliver its trade pavilion, after facing extra costs when the huge trade show was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
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We have done very well with all our export markets, but now is the chance for us to make sure that we are entering new spaces, Ardern said.
Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which is New Zealands 10th largest trading partner, taking large quantities of whole milk, apples and honey.
The New Zealand Pavilion and trade activities at Expo 2020 in Dubai will cost $62 million.
Statistics NZ figures on Thursday revealed New Zealand was probably almost six months into a recession with a 1 per cent drop in the country’s GDP during the three months to the end of December, which was worse than any of the five major banks were forecasting.
The weaker than expected figures quashed any chance of interest rates being hiked by the Reserve Bank, ASB said
New Zealands pavilion was in the sustainability section of Expo 2020 taking its theme of caring for people and place from the Mori concept of Kaitiakitanga.
The story of the Whanganui River, which was given its own legal identity in a world first law in 2017, would be central to the sustainability narrative.
About 600 New Zealanders from NZTE, the entertainment sector, and export businesses, would be travelling to Expo 2020.
Expo city was being billed by the UAE as the safest place on Earth, NZTE said, and by July, the entire population of the UAE would have been vaccinated.
The Expo 2020 city in Dubai has been built on desert, and will become a residential and commercial neighbourhood.
New Zealand’s vaccine rollout has started with 50,000 MIQ and frontline border staff, and 480,000 people in high risk professions, like doctors and nurses.
In May, the country will begin vaccinating 1.7 million people considered to be at a heightened risk, if they caught the disease.
Vaccination of the remainder of the remaining population starts in July.
Trade and Export Growth Minister Damien OConnor said priority for vaccine shots would be given to people travelling overseas to represent New Zealand at Expo 2020.
We are aware of the danger of travelling internationally, said OConnor.
The New Zealand pavilion at Expo 2020 will include a large dining space to highlight our food and beverage sector to the world.
Our frontline people who are travelling overseas are at risk, and there will be priority given to them.
NZTEs entertainment at Expo 2020 would be curated by choreographer Parris Goebel.
The New Zealand Pavilion was designed by Jasmax, and was being clad in Kaynemail, a lightweight composite chain mail developed for use by actors in the Lord of the Rings movies to spare them having to wear heavy metal chain mail.