Fri. Nov 18th, 2022

How ruthless is the Queen? 
She might be getting on in years, but shes clearly not lost her nerves of steel.
Those fresh bullying claims levelled at Meghan Markle have Buckingham Palaces finger prints all over them.
Ill bring you up to speed, if you havent been following it.
Three days ago, The Times broke the story that Meghan Markle allegedly treated staff members so badly that two left.
It then came out that Kiwi Jason Knauf, who was working for Meghan and Harry, had sent an internal email because he was so worried about Meghans behaviour.
So, as a result, Buckingham Palace has announced an investigation into the bullying allegations. 
Here are the reasons to be very suspicious about where this story is coming from.
Number one: Jason Knauf now works for William and Kate, who are have had a falling out with Harry, and you can guess whose side Knauf is now on.
Number two: the timing of this story is too cute. Its emerged just days before that Meghan and Harry interview with Oprah, which by all accounts is freaking the royal family out because they dont know whats in it.
Number three: the bullying investigation. Whats the point in launching an investigation?  Meghan and Harry arent part of the family anymore.  Any bullying they mightve been subjecting staff too is history.  Its not a current threat to royal staff. 
Its been said any inquiry mustve been signed off by the Queen, so this attack if it is coming from Buckingham Palace (as it appears to be) probably has her blessing. 
And thats ruthless isnt it?  It looks like shes prepared to put the future of the crown ahead of her grandson.  The Queens been ruthless in the past deciding who Charles could marry, forbidding her sister from marrying Captain Townsend, being cruel to Diana so it should be no surprise that shes still got it, even at 94.