Fri. Nov 18th, 2022

Matchups play a huge part in fantasy football managers’ start and sit decisions. When choosing between two (or more) similarly talented players, the decision often boils down to: Which one has the best matchup?
We use that word — matchups — a lot. But what, exactly, constitutes a favorable or unfavorable matchup?
This is where the “Matchups Map” comes in. Each week, I’ll provide a schedule-independent method to determine the strength of positional matchups, using the most recent, relevant data. Check back for updated numbers each week, including matchups highlights at each position — both favorable and unfavorable — based on those statistics. For these purposes, we will use PPR (point per reception) scoring.
“Adj. FPA,” or adjusted fantasy points allowed, reflects how far above or below a player’s average that defense held opponents at that position. A positive number means that the matchup is favorable; a negative number means it is unfavorable. This is a team-wide analysis, so a plus-5.0 Adj. FPA to running backs would mean that the defense afforded its opponents’ entire running back corps five additional points on average, which should be kept in mind when evaluating running back-by-committees. All data is from the past five weeks of NFL action.
Finally, a caveat: Matchups are only one ingredient in my rankings formula. Not every favorable matchup should be exploited; not every unfavorable matchup should be avoided. To get the most complete recipe for whom to start and sit, consult my weekly rankings.