Fri. Nov 18th, 2022

PUBG Mobile has announced a collaboration with B.Duck, the famous yellow duck, which can now be ridden by players to explore PUBG Mobiles maps. This new content update also comes with new gameplay as well as a range of events and attractive rewards.
Called the “B.Duck World Tour event, the cute yellow rubber duck will appear in five PUBG Mobile maps, including Erangel, Miranmar, Sanhok, Vikendi and Livik. On each map, players will be invited to participate and complete various missions. They will be provided with eight fuel tokens, which can be used to operate B.Duck and explore the islands from the sea.
Players who successfully complete a mission on one map can claim a postcard and various other rewards. Players who are able to complete the mission on all five maps can receive an exclusive reward – a permanent Common Kid Set. The further the B.Duck goes, the faster players will receive their rewards!
Players who seek an additional dose of cuteness have the opportunity to get B.Duck-themed items, including the B.Duck set, B.Duck Helmet, B.Duck Head, B.Duck Parachute, B.Duck Backpack and B.Duck – DP28 weapon during the Joy Treasure event which will run until 22 March 2021. Players that collect 5,140 Unknown Credits (UC), can obtain all Joy Treasure rewards in the form of B. Duck Set.
This collaboration with the famous character, B.Duck, demonstrates our commitment to continuously provide new and unique thrills for the PUBG MOBILE community in Malaysia and around the world. Through the B.Duck World Tour event and its various permanent rewards, we hope to bring more fun and new gaming experiences said PUBG Mobile Marketing Manager Jenny Zhuang.
Help B.Duck to explore all the maps on PUBG Mobile and win all the B.Duck theme rewards! For more information about B.Duck World Tour events, you can visit PUBG Mobile Malaysias social media on Instagram @pubgmobilemyofficial, Facebook PUBG Mobile, and Twitter @PUBGMOBILE_MY.