Sat. Nov 19th, 2022

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has taken aim at the Victorian Government’s roadmap out of stage 4 coronavirus restrictions, saying he hopes the state will reopen more quickly than outlined.
Key points:

  • Mr Morrison described the plan as “crushing news” for Victorians
  • Victoria’s roadmap out of restrictions was unveiled on Sunday
  • The Prime Minister has taken aim at the state’s contact tracing capabilities

“The plan that was outlined yesterday, I hope, is a worst-case scenario,” he said.
“I see it as a starting point in terms of how this issue will be managed in the weeks and months ahead in Victoria.”
Mr Morrison said the Federal Government would carefully review the plan and was still waiting on the detailed modelling from Victorian health authorities.
The Prime Minister made the comments while also speaking about the agreements the Government has reached to provide millions of vaccines for Australians as early as next year if current trials prove successful.
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On Sunday, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews outlined the roadmap out of restrictions on Sunday.
It includes extending Melbourne’s lockdown until September 27, but with modifications.
The Federal Government has previously been critical of Victoria’s handling of COVID-19, and Mr Morrison had demanded Mr Andrews set out a path to lifting restrictions.
On Monday, Mr Morrison took particular aim at the speed of the state’s reopening under the plan, and its contact tracing capability.
“What I can’t help but be struck by is that, under the thresholds that have been set in that plan, Sydney would be under curfew now. Sydney doesn’t need to be under curfew now,” the Prime Minister said.
“They have a tracing capability that can deal with outbreaks.”
More to come.
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