Fri. Nov 18th, 2022

Patrick Adams, who is best known for starring alongside Meghan on the television show Suits, has now written a Twitter thread praising the now-Duchess while blasting the family she decided to marry into. 
He calls Meghan an “enthusiastic, kind, cooperative, giving, joyful” person with a “deep sense of morality”.
“She fell in love, moved to a new country, became a household name across the entire globe and began the difficult work of trying to find her place in a family dynamic that can at best be described as complicated and at worst, seemingly archaic and toxic,” the actor says. 
Adams says that after the birth of her and Harry’s son Archie, “on any sort of decent planet that would be a time to stop sharpening the knives and let these two people enjoy the magical early months and years of starting a family”. 
“But we don’t live on that planet and instead the hunt continued. It’s OBSCENE that the Royal Family, who’s newest member is currently GROWING INSIDE OF HER, is promoting and amplifying accusations of ‘bullying’ against a woman who herself was basically forced to [flee] the UK in order [to] protect her family and her own mental health.”