Sat. Nov 19th, 2022

Liverpool’s recent success has been put down to Jurgen Klopp’s tactics and work with his players, as well as some excellent signings, but one Everton fan thinks it’s down to the Reds ‘doping.’
Since moving to Liverpool in 2015, Klopp has turned the side from occasional top four contenders into European champions and the most likely side to stop Manchester City’s domestic dominance.
One Everton fan has revealed his theory that it’s not Klopp but doping that has turned the fortunes around. Writing on an Everton fan forum, ‘Zuma’ wrote, “The steds thing is something I’ve thought for a while, wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if a doping scandal comes out about them in a few years.”
The fan gave Luis Suarez, Sadio Mane, Mo Salah and Virgil van Dijk as proof that something dodgy is going on at Anfield, adding, “Suarez – playing in Holland until his mid 20s, starts off as pretty good for them but nothing special, then suddenly turns into arguably the best player in the world for a season.
“Mane, good for Southampton but just as likely to get sent off as he is to score, inconsistent and raw. Now he’s a world beater.
“No salad, struggled at Chelsea, very good for Roma but not to the point where he was destroying teams on his own, goes to them and becomes unplayable.
“VVD – good for Celtic, good for Southampton, but to be playing at that level to his mid 20s means he can’t have been seen as anything special or he’d have been spotted earlier. Goes to them and becomes one of the best defenders in Europe.”
Mane was excellent at Southampton and has improved around better players. Image: PA Images
The Toffees fan finally ends on mentioning the amount of running last season’s Premier League runners up get through without too many injuries.
In fairness to Zuma he was replying to other fans of the blue half of Merseyside who had similar thoughts so he clearly isn’t alone with his theory.
Mo Salah’s drugs had obviously worn off last time the two sides met. Image: PA Images
Liverpool beat Arsenal 3-1 on Saturday to keep their winning run in the Premier League this season going whilst Everton lost to Aston Villa on Friday.
Despite currently being top of the league Klopp’s side are still going to need all the help they can get to keep Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City from winning the title for the third year in a row.
We just suggest that they don’t turn to doping to do so.