Thu. Nov 17th, 2022

Jack and Jill by Banksy. Image / SuppliedA print by mysterious UK street artist Banksy expected to reach over $200,000 is set to be auctioned off in Auckland next week – with a portion of the proceeds going to the children of prisoners.
The Banksy screenprint, titled Jack and Jill, depicts two children in police vests running happily hand in hand. It has an estimated value of $150,000-$250,000, according to Auckland auction house Webb’s.
Banksy’s works are famous for challenging modern capitalism, originally produced only in the form of street art or graffiti so they could be enjoyed by all and owned by no one.
The Jack and Jill print shares similarities with Banksy’s original works, with the jarring irony that many of his works possess, but is unlike his other works because it was first produced as a screenprint, rather than originating as street art.
The screenprints were initially priced at only a few hundred pounds.
The screenprint to be auctioned in Auckland was bought in 2006 by the current owner, who used it as inspiration before she embarked on a life-long dream of becoming a police officer.
Now well into a career in the field, she is wanting to sell the work and give back to her community, with a portion of the proceeds being donated to Pillars, a charity dedicated to supporting children and families with loved ones who are incarcerated.
Adrienne Schierning, manager of the art department at Webb’s, says: “It is fitting that an artist like Banksy, who so publicly pushes against the capitalist motivations within the art world, has inspired one of his collectors to give back.
“The story of the owner’s personal journey to help people is what makes her gesture to give back to this specific charity so meaningful.”
An original Banksy was sold earlier this year in Auckland for $1.45 million. The piece, titled Keep it Real, depicts a monkey wearing a sandwich board.
The auction will take place at Webb’s auction house on Monday, August 9.