Fri. Nov 18th, 2022

On Tuesday, Ms. Kim called the South Koreas diplomatic wishes ridiculous, impudent and stupid. She warned that North-South Korean relations would further deteriorate because Seoul had already crossed a red line.
War drill and hostility can never go with dialogue and cooperation, she said. They are about to bring a biting wind, not warm wind expected by all, in the spring days of March.
She did not elaborate on what the biting wind would constitute, but she indicated that North Korea may abolish its Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Country, saying the ruling Workers Party organization focused on dialogue with the South has no reason for its existence.
She also warned that North Korea may consider terminating a joint North-South Korean military agreement that Mr. Kim and Mr. Moon signed in 2018 during a short-live rapprochement.
It is the conclusion drawn by us once again that we have nothing to talk with them, Ms. Kim said.
After his diplomacy with Mr. Trump failed to lift sanctions against his country, Mr. Kim vowed to further advance his countrys nuclear capabilities. In a party meeting in January, he declared that North Korea would build new solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missiles and make its nuclear warheads lighter and more precise.
North Korea has also turned cool toward South Korea, ending all official dialogue with Seoul and blowing up an inter-Korean liaison office. In the party meeting in January, Mr. Kim warned that returning inter-Korean relations to a point of peace and prosperity depended on South Koreas behavior.
And while Mr. Kim himself has largely refrained from personal attacks against Mr. Trump and Mr. Moon, his sister has frequently been dispatched to issue blistering statements against both Washington and Seoul.